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We Value "NothingBetter"

You deserve nothing better than the best possible mental health. Why are we called Queer Ear Mental Health? Easy, you're going to have queer (LGBTQIA+) affirming and competent ears listening to you every step of the way. Queer Ear Mental Health is an official "dba" of NothingBetter Health PLC because you deserve nothing better than the best.

Our Diversity Values:

Our staff and vendors all share the same values. We value the diversity of our community and work hard to respect everyone equally. Everyone in our office has lived experience with the LGBTQ+ community (many of us are also members). Everyone we contract with also takes pride in serving the community, including the diversity of color, culture, spirit, and values. It was harder than expected to find vendors like banks, accountants, and even phone vendors that do more than change a logo for Pride Month.

Our Value of Patients and Respect Their Privacy:

We have gone to great lengths to choose automation and our staff/contractors to ensure they all respect our practice's values. It’s disappointing that few systems acknowledge simple modern standards like pronouns and your name instead of the name on your insurance (which is often different in our community). Since we strive to respect all people from all walks of life, if you find something isn’t working for you, let us know to address it to the best of our ability. We will always communicate and bill you as "NothingBetter Health," our parent company name. This reduces the risk to you if you're not "out."

Our Value of Price and Staff:

We are working to keep the overhead of his business low and pass that saving on to our patients. We have put office automation tools in place to help assure ease of use and reduce complex needs.

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