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Secure video telehealth services available for Virginia residents and visitors. Accepting major insurance plans, self-pay options, and providing longer, personalized appointments. Specializing in LGBTQIA+ mental health care.

In Virginia

We offer secure video telehealth services to those living in the state or those visiting for extended periods (e.g. a student or on a long-term assignment). 


Important:  Some insurance companies limit your care to only their privately owned telehealth service. We don't always know this until after we submit your bill (since they can change it any time they want). It's up to you to keep apprised of changes to your coverage options. > Aetna - (most plans)  > BlueCross BlueShield plans (most plans, such as Federal, Anthem, CareFirst, etc.) > Cigna (most plans) > Optum (most commercial plans) - GEHA - United Healthcare (most commercial  plans) - UMR - Harvard Pilgrim - Oxford - etc Please note that insurance companies have many sub-plans and networks. If you want to ensure your plan is covered, you can check with your insurance, or we can verify once you sign a privacy statement. Just let us know.

Self Pay

Feel free to reach out for the current rates for this location. We do offer a sliding scale if we don't take your insurance based on need. You can contact us for further details if you'd like. We accept most major credit cards as payment and will provide a "super bill" to anyone seeking services without insurance.


Copays are due at the time of the appointment. If you have a deductible, you may be asked for a deposit at the start of the appointment. Self-pay appointment payment is due at the beginning of all appointments. (For Self-Pay - we provide you with a "superbill"). We do not allow patients to carry a balance. All fees must be paid before the next appointment. We accept payment by all forms of digital payment, including FSA/HSA cards (with a Visa or Mastercard logo). Current patients who need a payment plan can request a review and it may be arranged.



We offer video appointments that are longer than those of many other providers. We value helping all of you, not just writing a prescription and moving on. Our intake assessments are typically 90 minutes, and our typical follow-up medication sessions are 20-30 minutes . If needed, also offer 30-60 minutes sessions, often with integrated therapy (depending on your needs.


We specialize in providing that care to members of the LGBTQIA+  (queer) community, no matter their background, identity, or journey. We provide medication management for all humans, even non-LGBTQ ones, in need of mental health care. We do, however, ask that you be comfortable with us and that we have a professional therapeutic relationship. The only typical exception is if it's not safe or ideal for you to receive care via video telehealth. No matter what your culture, community, or beliefs, we treat humans from the age of 16-64 (some age exceptions are made) based on the treatment priorities you have (as long as you're not a threat to yourself or others). Ask us about: > Weight management to resolve the side effects of psychiatric medication or if you believe your weight is impacting your mental health. > Intensive treatment with ketamine that is integrated with psychotherapy > Treatment for ADHD > Reducing the impact of your anxiety, acute stress, and panic disorders. > Mental health concerns associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders > Stabilization of your Bipolar II disorder > Management of symptoms associated with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (not always an LGBTQ thing, by the way) > Aiding in the management of depression and other mood disorders. > Sleep disorder treatment. > Managing the impact of Trauma/PTSD on your life. > Helping addiction stay in remission. > and more.

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