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The Best Approach to Care

LGBTQIA+ folx (folk) age 1-64, deserve competent psychiatric care! If you've tried to find someone who can help you with psychiatric medications who "gets us," odds are you've had a hard time finding someone. Or, worse, you just didn't bother because it added stress you didn't need.

This is why Queer Ear Mental Health was created.

We all know the data. If we don't have the right support we don't get better, and some of us get worse. So now there is a psychiatric medication provider DC, MD, and VA that is open and frank about being part of the community.


So what does this mean? It means no more BS, no more hiding, you can talk honestly about what you're doing, without judgment.

Along with your therapist, we can help you be yourself, whatever that is to you. We believe that every patient we prescribe medication for also needs therapy. We don’t have a hard rule about that, but you can expect us to reinforce that you need to find and use a qualified therapist.


We offer Extended Time Affordable Appointments - We offer “extended time” medication management appointments. While many peers offer shorter appointments at a higher fee, we find that the extended time gives us the chance to dig a little deeper and put a plan together that meets your goals and the lower price reduces the impact on your budget.

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